Blended Intensive Programmes

Creating Human Centered Digital Media solutions for Sustainable Societal Development

We will start with a total of 3 virtual lectures covering a range of topics related to media and societal development, as well as methodological inputs and team building. The virtual sessions will take place on MS Teams on October 30, November 7 and November 21 from 17-18:30 CET.

During the physical week from November 27 to December 1, you will work in an international and interdisciplinary team to develop user-centered digital media solutions. The path to the solution will be guided by design thinking processes.

In the first phase, which starts already in the virtual part, you will gain insights into potential users and their needs and observe media solutions to get a picture of existing offerings in your country and around the world. You can also consult experts to learn more about the area in question. The goal is to put aside your subjective assumptions about the world and gain real insight into users and their needs.

The next step is to organize all the information collected. This is about diving deep to find the core problems. When defining the problem always keep the human-centered focus, that is, the perspective of your users’ needs.

In the following phase, start looking for and developing innovative solutions to the problem you have identified. Try to come up with as many ideas as possible, not just one solution that everyone can agree on. Based on this diversity, you will find the best possible solution.

In the prototype phase, create a low-cost, low-fi version of your product to share your ideas with others and test them.

You can use the feedbacks to improve your prototype and test it with other users. This is an iterative process that should bring a deep understanding of the product and its users.

A varied social program (excursion, field trip, student party) rounds out the experience and gives participants plenty of opportunity to have fun and meet peers.


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